Public Policy


The Arizona Assets Alliance (AAA) intends to become the hub for promising ideas and strategies to help promote assets among working individuals and families in the State of Arizona. We intend to carry out this goal by partnering with a broad coalition of individuals and institutions who share similar goals.


AAA provides a collection of publications, tools and resources with the aim to inform the work of policymakers, advocates and other stakeholders in the asset building field.


Currently the Arizona Assets Alliance is interested in sharing information about and/or exploring ways to adopt asset building strategies that have proven successful in other communities and states.


The Alliance also plans to lead public policy initiatives and strategies aimed at helping individuals and families develop assets, supporting legislation that furthers our policy goals, and when necessary opposing activity that is damaging to or even predatory upon low-income and working poor families. Areas of focus include:


  • Reducing or preventing student debt
  • Developing a Bank On Arizona initiative
  • Resource development for Individual Development Accounts
  • Establishing a State Earned Income Tax Credit


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The Arizona Assets Alliance serves as the Lead State Organization for the Assets and Opportunity Network supported by the Corporation for Enterprise Development.


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